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A mechanical method for the surface preparation of concrete to remove adhesive residues, coatings or contamination prior to the application of smoothing underlayments and floor finishes.


(i) A sand and cement topping applied over concrete base slab and finished to receive the floorcovering.

 (ii)Layer of well compacted material, commonly a mixture of cement and aggregate, applied in situ to a concrete base.


Surface Damp Proof Membrane. Typically a two part epoxy cured film.

Set Time

The amount of time for a material to form a bond strong enough to take foot trafficking, i.e. initial curing/drying time.


An indication of the workability of a fresh concrete or mortar mix.

Smoothing / Levelling Compound

Generally an underlayment that is designed to give a surface finish that is smooth and flat, capable of receiving a resilient, textile or timber floor finish.

Solid Wood Floors

Flooring cut and machined from one piece of wood.

Steel Trowel Finish

A tightly compacted finish normally relating to screeds.


The base that is ready to be prepared or to receive the installation of the floor covering.

Surface Hardener

Normally surface applied silicate based products applied to concrete e.g. power floated concrete, which can affect the adhesion of smoothing underlayments and floorcoverings.