Jargon Buster

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Parquet / Mosiac

Flooring made up of many pieces, often supplied as a panel, which is supported by and bonded to a webbed material.

Perimeter Movement Joint

A joint designed to accommodate the stress caused by movement.


Small air holes that appear through a layer, e.g. waterproof surface membrane or floor smoothing underlayment after application.


A fine light dust on a surface which normally inhibits adhesion.

Power Floated

The mechanical troweling of a concrete floor to provide a smooth, dense flat finish. Often used in conjunction with surface hardeners or curing aids.

Pre-Finished Wood Flooring

A board that does not require surface finishing after it has been fitted.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Adhesive that remains in a permanently tacky state after it has cured allowing the easy application and removal of decorative floorcoverings.


The application of a material to either reduce absorbency or promote adhesion.

Protein Free

Smoothing underlayments that do not contain protein in which bacteria could grow. A requirement for material used in hospitals, food processing areas etc.