Modern buildings are designed to handle great loadings. Older buildings, however, sometimes built for purposes now redundant, can pose significant challenges when trying to put them to modern use.

STOPGAP 1050 LITE Application STOPGAP 1050 LITE Application

Whatever the age or former use of a building, floorcoverings still need to be applied onto smooth floors and so the use of floor smoothing compounds becomes essential for a successful flooring installation.

The use of a standard smoothing compound in an area may not be a problem, but replicated over every floor in an old residential tower block, for example, it may place an excessive load on the building as each floor adds the weight of another layer to the total load.

This is where STOPGAP 1050 with its unique ultra light cement technology comes into its own. At under half the weight of a normal underlayment, the stresses exerted on an old building can be alleviated.