Time (or lack of it) can be the greatest enemy in construction today. With the level of construction activity growing every year, time is a major barrier to a job being completed on schedule.

STOPGAP 600 BASE Application STOPGAP 600 BASE Application

STOPGAP 100 RAPID Application STOPGAP 100 RAPID Application

Fortunately there are modern ways to "cheat" the natural timescales involved with subfloor preparation.

For uneven subfloors, STOPGAP 600 can be used to rapidly even a floor prior to the application of a final smoothing underlayment.

With the advent of modern cement technology, smoothing or levelling of a subfloor can now take place in just a few hours rather than the usual 24 hours. STOPGAP 100's unique rapid dry technology allows floorcoverings to be installed in as little as 2 hours.

Where levelling is not required, STOPGAP Isolator Membrane loose laid like a standard vinyl floorcovering "instantly" provides a firm, stable base to install many types of sheet floorcoverings including vinyl, rubber and linoleum.