With many fine buildings often comes a fine floor which needs protection from the pressures of modern use. A mosaic tiled floor or a high quality wooden floor are classic examples where heritage needs protection - creating a 'Barrier' to its current use.

Isolator Membrane Application Isolator Membrane Application

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A modern high quality floorcovering may be both desirable and durable but to be serviceable it needs to be permanently adhered to the subfloor. This would inevitably cause damage to an old or classic floor. Similar problems of day to day use and protection may also occur if you only have limited tenure of a building and the floor will ultimately need to be restored to its original condition upon vacating.

With this in mind there is only one solution - STOPGAP Isolator Membrane. STOPGAP Isolator is a loose lay fibre reinforced vinyl sheet which sits proud of a subfloor yet allows a floorcovering to be bonded to its upper surface. Once installed the floorcovering behaves as if it were adhered directly to the floor yet the floor installation is floating on the original floor which is being protected by STOPGAP Isolator.

At the end of the floorcoverings life removal of the Barrier is a simple, quick, clean procedure.