Damp No DPM

It was only in 1965 that it was made compulsory for an integral dpm to be installed in a building's subfloor. Consequently, most older buildings and some newer ones have floors too damp to install a commercial floorcovering.


F75 Application F75 Application

The quietly destructive nature of damp in buildings can easily be combatted by accurate measurement and application of the appropriate solution. In buildings with no existing integral DPM, the potential for subfloor moisture is extremely high.

This is the most common barrier to progress in a flooring installation. However, it is a problem that can be resolved quickly and effectively by using the appropriate products.

The solution to this problem is to:

1. Check the potential moisture level in the floor using either a Protimeter AquantTM or Protimeter MMS.

2. Measure the Relative Humidity of the subfloor using the F. Ball Digital Hygrometer.

3. If the % Relative Humidity is above 92% then apply two coats of STOPGAP F75 Waterproof Surface Membrane or STOPGAP Isolator Membrane.

Damp No DPM