Damp Construction Moisture

Even though a subfloor may contain an integral dpm, it can still remain too damp to lay a floorcovering - sometimes for over a year after it has been laid

F84 Application F84 Application

F76 / F76HP Application F76 / F76HP Application

The 'rule of thumb' estimate of how long a floor takes to dry to an acceptable level (< 75% RH) is to assume a rate equivalent to 1 day per 1mm of subfloor thickness. So typically a 50mm thick screed will take at least 50 days to dry. Thicker floors can dry at an even slower rate than that and of course drying can be affected by a wide range of environmental conditions.

Consequently, when time can be costly in the race to occupy a building a barrier which solves this problem economically is essential.

The solution to this problem is to:

1. Instantly check for potential moisture with a radio frequency detector like a Protimeter AquantTM or MMS.

2. Measure the % Relative Humidity of the floor with the F. Ball DigitalHygrometer.

3. If the floor is between 75-92% RH use one coat STOPGAP F76 or for smaller areas STOPGAP F76HP.

4. If speed is really important use STOPGAP Accelerator or STOPGAP Isolator Membrane for a cure time of 3 hours.

Damp Construction Moisture