Contamination is the bane of any flooring installation. In the form of oil or grease it prevents adhesive holding a floorcovering onto a floor. While in the guise of loose or flaking paint there is nothing permanent for the adhesive to stick to. Often dampness an be an additional burden.

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Isolator Membrane Application Isolator Membrane Application

In these cases rectification or removal of the problem can be more expensive than installing a floor in the first place. Contaminated floors are more common than you might think. Diesel/oil spills in garages and factories, absorbed grease in a kitchen, printer’s inks, poorly applied or old paint finishes to a floor and even adhesive residue from a previous floor installation are problematic.

Fortunately, there is an easy and quick solution to this dilemma. The use of STOPGAP Isolator Membrane separates the problem from the floorcovering. The Isolator is easily fitted like a normal floorcovering and the final flooring is adhered to the top of the Isolator. The nodules on the bottom of the Isolator allow any construction moisture in the subfloor to move freely away to the edges preventing excessive moisture build up.